Two New Flights Across the Atlantic

Airlines continue to open up new routes from the U.S. chipping away at the dominance of legacy carriers flying across the Atlantic. This should mean more competition and better fares in the future. Zoom Airlines is now flying between New York and London, with cheapie fares as low as $199 (before taxes and fees) one-way and premium economy tickets starting at $378. In March they started service from Halifax, joining a few other cities in Canada. Best of all, they have a fare matching guarantee, so if someone lowballs them on a fare you can get them to match it. Not a bad spread of food either judging by the photos on (vegetarian one below).

Meanwhile, there’s a new way to get between India and New York. Indian carrier Jet Airways will fly nonstop between Newark and Mumbai starting August 5. Right now the flights are no bargain, but hopefully that will change if they’re not filling up.

It’s nice to see more flights heading to India since the last time I flew home from there, I bought the cheapest flight I could find and it was on Romanian carrier Tarom. We got delayed leaving Delhi and missed our connection in Bucharest. The airline wouldn’t put us on another carrier, instead opting to put us up in a hotel and feed us for three days. All well and good except they wouldn’t let us have our luggage. And we were dressed for India. And it was December…

  1. kara

    I am SO thankful that you posted this! I’m American and going to school in Glasgow and it is good to know that Zoom is offering flights from the USA to UK.

    Although…is this a bad time to be going to school in the UK as an American or what?

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