Peru Drinks Story in Imbibe

coca tea PeruIf you’re near a good newsstand in the U.S. anytime soon, check out a great magazine called Imbibe. Every once in a while I find the time to crank out a full feature story for a magazine and I’ve got a nice one in the current issue. It’s called “On the Pisco Trail” and is about the drinking options in Peru. Stories aren’t archived on the Imbibe website, but you can go get a peek at the first two pages of the story anyway. The magazine puts a lot of stock in its beautiful photography, so they want you to see the real thing.

This follows a road trip article I have in the current issue of Every Day with Rachel Ray – who would have thought? It’s one of those great ironies of our age: a lot of the most refreshing travel articles aren’t in travel magazines. While travel print mags tend to stick to a relatively unswerving template, those based on a different subject have more fluid boundaries.

  1. Sheila at Family Travel

    Congrats, Tim! Will look for both; hope the per-word rate for “Every Day with Rachael Ray” was one of the halfway decent ones. :)

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