What $60 Gets You in Guatemala

As I mentioned before, I was just in Guatemala on a vacation with family budget, rather than a long-term backpacker budget. You can obviously buy a whole other level of comfort when that’s the case. I was still pleasantly surprised though at what a great deal the mid-range hotels are there. In Antigua, $60 got us a big suite with a queen bed in one room, a bunk bed for our daughter in another room (a big hit), and a high-pressure hot water shower than didn’t have live wires dangling from it. Cool building and courtyard and they had a well-equipped kitchen we could use for a buck.

Then we got to this place (video above) on the shore of Lake Atitlan: Casa del Mundo, with an unbelievable panoramic view from our big room with beds for three. Also $60 a night. This video is the shot from one of our two balconies. Great food there too and sunny platforms where you can go jump in a lake.

  1. Lake Atitlan

    Welcome to Lake Atitlan. It really is one of the most beautiful, and cheapest places in the world. ?Enjoy your stay.

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