Double-duty Travel Gear

When conserving weight and space in your backpack, look for travel items that will do more than one thing for you.

The current issue of Transitions Abroad just hit the stands and my column this issue is “Double-duty Gear.” If you’re not a subscriber, I encourage you to at least thumb through it next time you’re at a good newsstand. It gets better each issue and the editors have done a great job of making it prettier without making it an iota more pandering or superficial. I’d be surprised if you don’t learn something useful or find the perfect resource for a trip you’re planning.

This particular gear packing story isn’t on line yet, but no problem since everything covered in there has already been reviewed on the Practical Travel Gear blog. That’s where I run down light and handy items to consider for your travels. It’s meant to be an antidote to the aspirational gear reviews of super-expensive items you see in magazines like Outside and Backpacker. There are only a handful of items that retail for over $100 and those are mostly luggage items and backpacks.

travel sandals

So if you want to find out what kinds of items really pull their weight and which ones do double duty, head on over.

There are lots of other travel gear blogs and online gear stores at this Contrarian Traveler page.

The picture? An item my wife absolutely hates and I absolutely love: Reef sandals with a bottle opener on the bottom. Cheers!

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