“Underpriced” European Destinations

Fresh off the news that traveling to Europe might cost a bloody fortune this summer, SmarterTravel just put out a helpful story on five “Underpriced European Destinations.”

Latvia travelI think “not as insanely priced” might be a better description, but realism doesn’t resonate very well and compared to what it will cost in Paris or Florence when school lets out, these are indeed relative bargains.

The spots seem to have been chosen more on what sounds hot right now—they’re tagged as “on the rise” places—so instead of Bulgaria or Romania we’ve got Slovenia and Croatia. Along with Portugal, Montenegro, and Latvia. Each section really focuses on a specific spot, however, with good price examples and really good rundowns on resources. (Hint–buy the local version of the city pass to save on admissions and transportation.)
These destinations are more for vacationers with a decent budget than backpackers, but if you follow their tips you can get by without draining your life savings–something that’s getting harder to do in more traditional destinations in Europe.

[Photo of Riga, Latvia from SmarterTravel.]

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