Ski Kashmir!

India skiingA notable bit of good news was almost buried in a recent Ski Report ’07 piece in National Geographic Adventure: it’s actually safe to go skiing in Kashmir. The cease-fires between India and Pakistan have stuck and people can actually schluss down the slopes without hearing machine gun fire in the distance. “After 20 years of conflict in the area, Gulmarg Ski Resort’s long-awaited gondola tops out at over 13,000 feet (3,962 meters) on Aparwat Mountain, in the northern Pir Panjal range.”

Here’s the really cool part: lift tickets are $11 per day! I think the last time I paid anything close to that for a lift ticket was over 12 years ago in Turkey. You might not get the latest happening gear at the rental shop, but it’s only $6 to $11 at Kashmir Alpine.

You also might not do a whole lot of partying after a day on the slopes. The only place that serves alcohol is a hotel that’s over $100 per night. That’s a lot of tandori chicken.


  1. Anuj Agarwal

    yes,u r right.India is a very cheap destination for travelers.

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