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Another Reason Why Africa Isn’t Cheap

Africa is, for the most part, not a very cheap place to travel. This comes as a surprise to many people since many of the world’s poorest countries are in Africa and it seems like every week brings news of some new calamity. And depending on who you ask, the continent gets anywhere from 25 percent to 75 percent of all the aid money in the world.

But here’s one clue. According to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Study, nine of the world’s ten worst places to do business are in Africa. Here’s the bottom 9 of 10:

Democratic Republic of Congo
Republic of Congo
Sao Tome and Principe
Sierra Leone
Central African Republic

If you follow the link above, you find most other African nations are languishing near the bottom as well. How does this affect what travelers pay? It means that while entrepreneurs prosper in many of the countries filled with thousands of cheap places to eat and sleep, in much of Africa it’s hard to get a business off the ground. Would-be entrepreneurs face a load of regulations, a series of officials will all have their hands out for bribes, and then the shakedowns continue after the business is up and running.

Every guy with $50 to his name is starting a samosa stand in India or noodle cart in Bangkok and the ones with a bit more are opening a restaurant or guesthouse. In much of Africa, on the other hand, only the people with loads of capital or good government connections are going to bother.

The countries at the top in the survey are, predictably, the developed countries where corruption is mostly subdued and the court of law protects property and business rights. Some of the world’s cheapest destinations are at least in the top 75 though, including Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Romania, Bulgaria, Peru, Hungary, and Nicaragua.

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Friday 4th of May 2018

Yes, thanks to tourism and companies who offer to and visit safari, Tanzania is not the poorest country in East Africa and the country is developing better than many other African countries

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Thursday 8th of May 2008

Tourism is a huge industry in Tanzania, due to Kilimanjaro and the wildlife parks. The fees the parks charge are very high and increasing, which makes the most popular forms of tourism in Tanzania expensive.

Africa Travel

Thursday 18th of October 2007

Zimbabwe should have been on this list. With prices of commodities increasing by more than 900%, I'm just wondering how people are living down there. New York Times says the price of tissue paper is about $417...unbelievable!!!


Thursday 11th of January 2018

It's interesting how things will change after Mugabe is overthrown