Bus Travel Prices in Mexico

I’m neck-deep researching a travel planning guide I’m co-authoring with Rob Sangster that will cover Mexico and Central America and here’s a useful tidbit of info worth passing along. Following are bus prices for executive or first-class buses between several cities in Mexico. I know, I know–if you’re a backpacker on a strict budget you’re not going to be traveling in the best available class. But if you’re just down there for a week or two on vacation, you probably will. It’s still far cheaper than a flight.

Monterrey Mexico City 12 hours $74
Cancun Merida 4 hours $35
Oaxaca Mexico City 6 hours $55
Mexico City Puebla 2 hours $12
Acapulco Ixtapa 1.5 hours $11
Guadalajara Puerto Vallarta 5.5 hours $32
S.M. de Allende Guanajuanto 1 hour $10

The rule of thumb seems to be that it’s roughly $5-7 per hour traveling in first class and around $8-10 per hour traveled in executive class. The latter might sound kind of high, but these are some of the best buses I’ve been on anywhere. Some of them only have 24 seats on the whole bus: 3 across and 8 down, with more legroom than many first-class cabins in U.S. airplanes. Plus snacks and drinks. A sweet way to travel.

mexico bus

Now trying to figure a route out yourself can be an exercise in frustration. Thankfully someone at a site called Different World has done the heavy lifting for us. Go here for links to the Mexican bus companies. Most of the sites are in Spanish only, but even if you don’t speak any it’s pretty simple to figure them out.


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