Living on the Cheap in Nicaragua

retirement nicaraguaJoshua Berman co-wrote the book pictured here, Living Abroad in Nicaragua. His publisher sent a copy to me to review for Perceptive Travel and it got crowded out by some things with a wider scope. But I’m putting it up here now for everyone to hear about because as you can see in Joshua’s recent blog entry, U.S. newspapers can’t stop talking about living in Nicaragua.

This seems a bit odd to me considering the paltry number of expats there compared to communities in Mexico, Panama, Roatan, and Costa Rica, but I guess journalists are always looking for a new bandwagon trend to latch onto and this one fits the bill.

If you are looking for a place to escape to or retire to that is like a frontier land of great opportunity though, Nicaragua is certainly worth checking out. Living Abroad in Nicaragua contains close to 300 pages of solid info, backed up by all the web resources on the country that were current at the time of printing. It’s got background on the country, gives the pros and cons of different areas, and covers what you need to know about the reality of living there. It gives you the ups and downs of health care, dealing with the government, visa and residency issues, the business climate, and the finances of making it work. Berman and Randall Wood wrote the definitive guidebook to the country, Moon Handbooks Nicaragua, so they know the score and have plenty of contacts who are expatriates living there. Unlike a lot of breathy come-ons you see about living abroad (most of them designed to extract far more money from you than the price of a book), this one is down-to-earth and free from hype.

Is Nicaragua a place to move because it’s dirt cheap? Well, there’s no easy answer to that really. “How much it’ll cost depends on how simple—or sumptuous—you choose to make it,” they say. So if the thought of moving to Nicaragua and taking advantage of the incentives and opportunities there is more than just a daydream, pick up this book. It’s worth paying the price of a few pints to know if your dream has a basis in reality.

The Living Abroad in… series also covers Costa Rica, Mexico, and China.

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