A Year of Travel Adventures

I’ve come across a few articles lately about how a five-hour hike opened up this year to the world’s third-highest waterfall, recently “discovered” in Peru. (The locals knew about, they just didn’t tell anyone.)

When news like this comes out, it’s a major deal these days because for better or for worse, we all have access to an almost limitless range of adventures across the globe. It’s easy to feel like there’s little new to discover. But really nobody has done even a fraction of the outdoor adventures available across the planet.

In the current issue of Perceptive Travel we have a review of a new Lonely Planet book called A Year of Adventures. The title is kind of a gimmick since the locations ping-pong around the globe like only someone with a “beam me up” device could manage, but it’s a great book nevertheless. The point of it is not to serve as a definitive guide to the world’s best travel adventures. Rather it’s a rundown of some great adventure activities, with info on the prime time of the year to go do each one. The photos rock too. If you can’t find something in here you want to go do next time you take off, you might as well just stay on the sofa.

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