Rent a car for $1 a day–not a typo

If you’re going to be in Florida sometime between April 8 and June 30, you can rent a car and go on a northerly road trip for as little as $1 a day. That intro rate is not even much of a bait-and-switch either: prices only go up to $4.99 for a compact, $9.99 for an intermediate, and $19.99 for a premium car (pimp my ride size).

The deal is you have to drive it out of Florida to follow the snowbirds north. That’s not too onerous though since there are 35 cities on the list you can head to, from faraway Phoenix and Bangor to closer Louisville and Washington D.C.

See every winter, loads of U.S. and Canadian residents flee to Florida to escape from the cold up north. Many of them live down there for a few months, then go back when Spring comes. Plus the Florida tourism attractions and beaches are more crowded before April than they are in the high heat of summer.

If you’re coming to the U.S. from Europe or somewhere and intending to drive around for a while, this would be worth building your plans around. Where else in the world can you rent a car for automatic transmission and air conditioning (as all Hertz cars have these days) for $10 to $30 a week?

  1. jameelah

    trying to find out how much it wouldbe to rent a csr for 1 day.

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