Maybe I’m a Real Writer After All

Tim Leffel in ArgentinaSoon we will return to our regularly scheduled programming, but first, a bragging break. This week I got the good news that Perceptive Travel snagged two of the four Grand Prizes from the North American Travel Journalists Association, from their best travel writing 2006 contest. One for Wendy Knight’s Dangerous Minds, the other for my Meat and Malbec at Midnight story.

The recognition is sweet, but apparently I’m getting a free week-long vacation for two out of the deal as well. Without an assignment in hand, I get to travel in style like a regular tourist. Sipping a cocktail and lounging around instead of frantically taking notes and looking like a loser while typing on my laptop by the pool. Hey, I guess this travel writing gig actually can pay off eventually.

My book Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune scored a runner-up prize in the “Best Travel Guide” category. I lost to a new guide from Pauline Frommer, which is kind of ironic considering I have a nice quote from her dad on the cover page of my book. I got runner-up in the Book of the Year contest as well. Lost out to Lonely Planet’s Code Green, which doesn’t seem so bad. If more people buy a book about traveling responsibly and paying attention to where their money is going, that’s certainly a good thing.

  1. Paul and Lorie Bennett

    Congratulations Tim. Having done the Argentina tour in September-October we feel ourselves nodding in agreement at practically every word. We also met Charlie O’Malley and can recommend the Grapevine tour to anyone. Paul still orders the steak “a punto” though.

  2. Kath

    Congratulations Tim! Of course you’re a real writer! Your book should have won first place….

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