Through the Eyes of a Porter in Peru

Inca Trail porter
If you happen to belong to the South American Explorers’ Club, I’ve got an article in the current issue of their print magazine about the life of a porter on the Inca Trail in Peru. If you’re not a member, check out the story online, where I’ve given the Living in Peru blog permission to reprint it: Through the Eyes of a Porter.

As noted a while back in this blog, the “alternative Inca Trail” routes, which used to be unregulated, will soon be subject to the same kinds of rules that exist on the Inca Trail. This means that some shady operators will have to get licensed and presumably the porters on those trails will have the same kinds of weight restrictions. If you’re going hiking in Peru, please think twice before choosing the cheapest operator just to save $20 or $30. Go with someone who has a reputation for doing it right.

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