Moustaches, Throat Singers, and Rice Paddy Mullets

russia moustachesThe new issue of Perceptive Travel is out, with a dependably quirky collection of travelers’ tales from around the world. Plus a double dose of travel book reviews and some more world music worth checking out.

It’s the one-year anniversary, so there are a lot of stories from returning travel authors. Bruce Northam hikes through the northern Philippines and checks out the original Boondocks–topped off by a quickie mullet haircut. Dominic Hamilton, who covered the cloudforests of Latin America before, ventures to the obscure Tuva area of Russia to get his fortune read (accurately it seems) and get up close and personal with a “throat singing” star. Joshua Berman gives us an ode to a talisman: a Buddha icon that found his own form of enlightenment.

New this issue are two talented writers who spend most of their time schlepping around researching guidebooks: Zora O’Neill and Robert Reid. Zora takes on the role of insiduous imposter checking out upscale resorts in the Riviera Maya, while Robert spends his time riding the rails of Russia pinning down the percentage of moustaches still in play today.

One of the books reviewed is actually a box set: the new Lonely Planet Citiescape guides. Follow the link on the Perceptive Travel home page to find out how to win a collection just by submitting a good Asian city photo.

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