Expensive Hotel Does Not Equal Great Beach

I just went on a whirlwind tour of hotels in Puerto Vallarta for a writing assignment and posted a few reviews and musings at HotelChatter while I was at it. One observation I’ve had for a long time, that I finally got down on virtual paper, is that there is little correlation between the price or size of a hotel and what kind of beach it backs up to. Yes, in some cases the first big hotel there staked out the best spot, but in other cases they have been the victim of erosion or too much overbuilding has ruined what brought people there to start with. So here’s a link to the story, with a couple of photos.

mexico beach

Anyone who has backpacked around the world on a limited budget knows this of course. Most of us have stayed in little $10 or less bungalow rooms that had the most amazing postcard view anyone could ever want. The beach went on for miles and had almost nobody on it. On assignment I have also stayed at $300 a night hotels where the view was crappy, the crowds were thick, and the beach was, shall we say, modest?

Of course you can pay a fortune and buy your way onto a secluded resort where there is a great beach. Or two. Or more. But do some research on what it’s really like there before plunking down your credit card. Chances are you’re find out about some funky little place that has the nicest beach of them all.

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