A Mixed Bag in Bangkok

Reports on Bangkok’s shiny new airport haven’t been very encouraging so far. There’s no direct public transportation without getting in a cab or bus, first of all, despite the site being planned a generation ago. There are complaints that there aren’t enough restrooms, which is even more baffling.

A report out in USA Today says 1,200 bags were lost over the weekend. Straight off the job of arranging a coup, the military called in 50 soldiers “to help manually direct 6,700 bags to outgoing flights.” (Goals for this month: 1. Oust the prime minister. 2. Clean up baggage mess at new airport. 3. Get rid of Bangkok smog.)

Kind of makes me pine for the old days when you walked out of a creaky terminal, crossed the street to a creaky train, and were on your way to the teeming city.

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