Absinthe and Art in Avignon

I can always rely on my buddy Kent’s Be Our Guest blog for some interesting photos from here and there. Here’s a good one from Avignon, France. Van Gogh and Absinthe–with a pretty good representation of how well they go together.

Absinthe France

If you’re a parent like me, you probably can’t get some damn song about a bridge in Avignon out of your head every time you hear the name of this town. That’s a curse that “song cities” have to put up with I suppose. Whether it’s Kansas City, Memphis, London, San Jose, New York, Avignon, or the many others, the local tourism board is going to be stuck with that puppy for decades to come. Better hope the song doesn’t suck or sound really dated. (“If you’re going to San Francisco…”)But we were talking about absinthe weren’t we? For a definitive look at the green goblin, check out the appropriate chapter of this book, The Devil’s Picnic.

  1. Lisa

    It’s so great to see writers reading other writers. You guys live in a small but popular world! Love both your blog and Kent’s (especially his pics). Thanks for making connections.

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