New Flight Options for Central America

Costa Rican airline NatureAirjust announced the first flight between San Jose and Limon, Costa Rica in 15 years, and the first ever flight from Bocas del Toro, Panama to Limon. All are slated to begin December 1, 2006.

These are aimed at travelers with more money than time, apparently. The press release says, “This flight will cater to cruise ship tourists and adventure seekers north to Tortuguero and Barra del Colorado before returning to San Jose. Daily afternoon flights from Bocas del Toro, Panama into Limon will connect the two beautiful coastal towns by air for the first time, returning travellers to San Jose by 4 p.m. daily.”

But hey, I’m in that category myself sometimes and a flight like this will cut out a lot of tough travel hours on a bus, on roads that are not always ideal. I like this part of the announcement: “Until NatureAir’s entrance into the Central American airline market in 2000, travelling to such attractive locales in Central America was tedious at best. Unreliable air service, poor road conditions and the subsequent long journey by bus or car made it nearly impossible for visitors to explore some of the most desirable destinations in the country.”

NatureAir also has daily flights to other spots, including much cheaper Nicaragua.

For pricing, flight schedules, and a complete list of destinations offered, visit or call 800-235-9272.

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