A Frugal Dad Does Disney

Disney WorldThis blog is going to be quiet the next few days as I am taking the little princess down to Disney World of all places. From the get-go, she has taken the Disney marketing bait hook, line, and sinker, so the time has come for Dad to open up the wallet and head to Orlando.

Since I have little desire to write about the place, this will be a true vacation. No laptop. No checking e-mail. I am taking lots of my own advice though to keep this from costing a few grand. We’re going after the school rush is done, so the flights on Southwest were less than $130 each. We’re staying at a Disney hotel to get the perks, but it’s a “value resort” that comes in less than $100 a night. They still whisk your bags from the airport to the hotel without you touching them, which is pretty cool, and shuttle transportation is gratis.

If you’re a hard-core tightwad though, the must-have book is Disney on a Dime. They make me look like Mr. Big Spender, with tips on carrying in food, splitting an overpriced double cheesburger, saving for your trip with a change jar, etc. But overall there are some good ideas in there to keep you from getting fleeced too badly by Mickey.

I still have some Pingo phone cards left from the promotion last week. Buy a copy of Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune from anywhere, send me a receipt with your address, and you get an hour of free phone calls in the mail.

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