Earning Airline Miles by Doing (Almost) Nothing

frequent flyerAfter recently scoring frequent-flyer tickets to both Guatemala and Mexico, I’ve gotten a second wind about earning airline miles. It takes some work, but with enough dogged determination you can turn 35,000 miles into an international flight, putting you well above the penny a mile mark.

So it always pays to watch for silly promotions that don’t even require you to get up from your chair. Delta is running one right now where you get 250 miles for going on line and taking a survey. They thing is, it’s a one question survey. You click once and you’re done. The question is, “What is your favorite in-flight pastime?” The results up to when I did it are pictured here.

What’s humorous about this though is it’s coming from an airline that has been cutting services to the bone. So if you want to watch a movie, better bring your own DVD player. If you want to read a magazine, don’t expect an on-board selection. If you want to catch up on work, bring an extra battery since you probably won’t find a plug. Maybe you’ll be seated next to someone from another country though. That way if you are in the 1% of respondents who wants to learn a language, you’re in luck.

Here’s the link: https://www.delta.com/marketing/insideropinion/index.jsp

  1. Darrin

    Thanks for the survey link. Great find!

    In June, I flew to Venezuela (on a direct, non-redeye fllight) for just 35,000 frequent flier miles on AA. I think AA offers the same for flights to Central America. Perhaps that was the same 35,000 you mentioned?
    There was, however, a b.s. fee of 75.00 for ticket processing. Still, not a bad deal at all.

  2. tim

    Yes, on most airlines you can usually get from the U.S. or Canada to Mexico, Central America, or northern South America for 35,000 miles. A far better use of your mileage than a domestic flight for 25,000, unless you’re just going to Cancun or Los Cabos that is.

  3. Heather Parker

    Thanks for the tip. I am always looking for way to earn frequent flyer miles. Our daughter is in OK and we are in Maine, so we travel back and forth a lot. Also, business travel.
    Thanks a lot!

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