A Bangkok Shopping Trip

This AP story on a shopping trip to Bangkok won’t tell you anything you don’t already know if you’ve been to Bangkok, but it’s a nice quick overview on the weekend market and a silk outlet if you haven’t been there. I have great things in my house I bought there 10 years ago and actually still have a suit I had custom made. One of three I had done there.

See Bangkok is the great crossroads of Asia, with great flight deals, easy air connections, and all kinds of overland possibilities. But it’s such a good shopping destination that even anti-shoppers like me get excited wandering around there. Things are such a bargain that you just wish you could carry more.

If I ever get some corporate job where I have to wear a suit all the time (highly doubtful), the first thing I’m going to do is take a trip to Bangkok for a new wardrobe. Suits for around a hundred bucks each and a fat mileage run on top of it.

If you’re passing through there or are going on vacation, don’t cram your schedule full of things to tick off. Leave some time for some leisurely bargain hunting.

  1. Mike

    What site/airline to you use to find your flights to Bangkok?

  2. tim

    I like this site because it gives you a historical perspective. So if you see a deal that looks good, you’ll know if it really is:

    It depends on what city you are in for the best airfare. If it’s not a busy time, you can often get a hotel/air package for about the same price as a flight by itself. With a coup in the news, it shouldn’t be hard to find a good deal now! Try the usual suspects, but also consolidators if you’re in a big city. Look at Travelzoo, Sherman’s Travel and the like for just announced specials. Here are a bunch more links:

  3. Watcharee Chaiyarit

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