Undervalued Argentina

Buenos AiresSometime in the coming decade I’m probably going to pack up and move abroad for a while again. I’ve lived in Korea and Turkey in the past, but this time it’s probably going to be Buenos Aires. There are a dozen good reasons why, but the overall one is it’s a terrific value, as this article on Argentina’s value explains.

It’s not necessarily the cheapest place to live on the planet. There are plenty of locations just in the Americas where you could get by for far less. Instead it’s the idea of real value: what you get for your money is terrific and you don’t have to make sacrifices. Great food, great wine, booming nightlife, culture, and on and on. Will the value still be there when my kid hits middle school and we take off? Who knows, but if I had some extra money lying around to invest in real estate, that’s where it would be going right now.

I did an Argentina article in the latest Perceptive Travel: Meat and Malbec at Midnight. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

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