Touring Africa by Public Transport

Africa travel JavinsTime for another shout-out to one of the guest contributors in my new book, Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune.

Marie Javins contributed a section on the experience to be gained by taking public transportation, seeing a culture by being butt to butt with them. She is the author of the brand new book Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik: One Woman’s Solo Misadventures Across Africa. (It’s on Seal Press, so they had to get the word “woman” in there somewhere, Javins says.)

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve only gotten through part of it so far, but I promise you it’s a fun ride of a read. I’ll be posting a full review in a later issue of Perceptive Travel. But be a pioneer and go get your own copy. Heck, for less than $22 you can get this book AND my new one. Throw something else in the basket and you’ll get free shipping too.

  1. Mick Gordon

    Yeah I will check it out next time I am in Chapters – check out my book – “Rockwatching; Adventures above and below Ontario”.

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