Shrinking Vacation Syndrome

This is so lame. Worldhum points us to a New York Times story I missed on the Shrinking Vacation Syndrome. It’s a bit more depressing news about how many Americans have vacation time they don’t take, and those who don’t get any to start with. (An important distinction: the first batch have no excuse for being losers, the second batch are getting robbed.)

In “a Gallup poll based on telephone interviews with a national sample of 1,003 adults found that 43 percent of respondents had no summer vacation plans.” Guess it’s a summer of eating Cheetos and watching reruns on TV eh? What fun.

“The idea of somebody going away for two weeks is really becoming a thing of the past,” said Mike Pina, a spokesman for AAA, which has nearly 50 million members in North America. “It’s kind of sad, really, that people can’t seem to leave their jobs anymore.”

Yes, it is sad, and it doesn’t have to be this way. People, if you’re so swamped with work and obligations that you can’t get out of the house and wander in a strange place, there’s something seriously wrong with your life. If you get broadsided by a car tomorrow and are taking your dying breaths in the hospital, are you going to feel right about how you spent your summer–or how you’ve been passing your years?

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