Hotels Open Up the Toiletries Goody Box

When the increased airplane carry-on restrictions were rolled out recently, I expected to see some fast and creative solutions coming from the likes of Unilever and Proctor & Gamble. Where were the quick deals to put toothpaste in every airport bathroom? Where were the roving lip gloss girls greeting passengers in baggage claim? Where were the Origins goody bags supplied to every coach passenger flying to Hawaii? Come on folks–we’re supposed to hit the terrorists with our best weapon: good marketing!

The hotels know a thing or two about turning a negative into a positive, however. This article from SmarterTravel provides a rundown on what toiletries the various hotel chains are providing and it’s a pretty sweet list, even at the budget chains. If you ask nicely, you can probably get any of the standard items you need. This Hyatt listing doesn’t sound too promising though: “On-property sundry stores have increased their supply of other liquid and gel products and some have longer hours.” In other words, “We’ll be glad to sell you an $8 item you can get for $2 at the corner Wallgreen’s.”

For a full list of banned items (or more accurately described as a list of what you can carry) go to this official TSA site.

  1. Jennifer Campbell (US citizen now living in Australia)

    But on a positive note about the banned liquids…

  2. tim

    That is one bit of positive news. Here’s the bummer part from that article though:
    “Banned items discovered by federal checkpoint screeners are required to be confiscated and disposed of by a contractor”

    In other words, most are going into a landfill, without the plastic even being recycled. Too bad we can’t send them to a landfill on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, preferably on the site of a militant medrassa…

  3. TinaMartini

    Couldn’t agree with you more. It should be global though. Come on, all you marketing gurus, the perfect opportunity to come up with some fabulous ideas.

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