Perceptive Travel New Issue

Tibet railroad
The new issue of Perceptive Travel is out now!

This issue features an impressive slate of traveling book authors, if I may say so myself. I screwed up Wendy Knight’s name in the newsletter, so let’s start with her. An author of two books on journeys with kids, she takes her daughter down to Colombia on vacation, ignoring the advice of everyone around her. A good read for anyone who starts every destination query with “Is it safe?”

Food writer Richard Sterling sends a dispatch from his temporary home in Saigon. Doug Lansky talks about the oddities of being an American living in Sweden. There’s an excerpt from the Lea Aschkenas book Es Cuba. On a very newsworthy note, Tibet guidebook writer Michael Buckley outlines the dark side of the new railway to Llasa.

I review a couple of notable books, while Anastasia Ashman chimes in on another. Peter Moore returns with another eclectic group of music reviews. Good stuff all around, so check it out.

Last month’s contest winners took home a few prizes. This month we are giving away two new travel books. Sign up for the newsletter and get in on the next round. The newsletter list is only in the hundreds at this point, so your odds are good.

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