“Budget” is a bad word for advertisers

I reported a while back that the magazine Budget Living had folded. I noted that this probably had something to do with the fact that advertisers want to reach the aspirational, free-spending, debt-to-their-eyeballs folks, not people who are careful with their money.

Sure enough, here’s a quote from the old Budget Living editor, from a panel discussion reported in Folio (link above).

“The name ‘budget’ worked great with readers,” he said, “but it was a hurdle for advertisers. The name was a mixed blessing.”

So there you go. If you’re looking for articles about traveling on a frugal budget, pickings are slim. It’s not because of a lack of readers: after all, most people aren’t jetting off to five-star resorts when they go on vacation. But the advertisers don’t want to reach the commoners among us. They want to reach the ones who look at travel choices as just another way to show off their wealth.



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