Inca Trail already sold out for May

If you’re planning on going to Peru soon and had no clue you needed to book an Inca Trail hike far ahead, you’d better get on it pronto. Here’s a note from the South American Explorer’s Club office in Cusco:

“The Inca Trail permits are now sold out for April and May. We caution you to book at least two months in advance with a company from our recommended list. If you need advice, let us know. At the end of March, a landslide closed the two-day Inca Trail and those on the last day of the four-day Inca Trail had to detour to Aguas Calientes. It’s expected that repairs there will be complete by the end of April; the problem won’t affect those wishing to visit Machu Picchu from Aguas Calientes.”


  1. Kate Rusinko

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  2. John Williamson

    Hey Kate,

    Yes, indeed, the request for the Inca Trail is pretty high.
    I found a forum for those wanting to hike there…

    It’s always good to obtain advice from specialized sites and interact
    with online communities.

    I’d recommend a 3-4 month pre-booking in order to make sure you get a place…

    All best,


  3. James


    I read the Inca Trail reaches heights of over 4.200 meters, shouldn’t that require good preparation?
    I bet many of cannot make it up there…
    Seems rough, maybe I’d try if I’d train for like 6-7 months.



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