Gearing up for an African Safari

Down below is a link to an article of mine that came out recently through Explore64, a subsidiary of great online gear retailer

Botswana safariGearing up for an African Safari

A light-hearted look at what you need to think about packing if you’re just popping over to Africa on vacation. Based on my safari in not-exactly-a-bargain Botswana. As you’d probably expect, the key is to travel light.

I added a section on the East Africa overland route to the revised edition of The World’s Cheapest Destinations, but with kind of a long-winded asterisk. Africa can be cheap, but it’s hard to travel on a shoestring on an ongoing basis if you really want to do the things most people go there for.

If you skimp on a safari especially, you’ve got a good chance of being disappointed. Budget some extra dough for this part of the world. This is a case where just looking at the per capita GDP is not going to tell you much about real costs as a traveler, especially the long distances and less-than-robust infrastructure. If you can pony up some more cash for a good safari and some internal flights now and then, your time in Africa is going to be much more enjoyable.

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