Vacation home rentals and villa rentals

Should renters book vacation homes through owners or agencies? This column by Ed Perkins goes over the pros and cons when considering a vacation rental.

I’m a big fan of renting a condo, villa, or house for a vacation, especially if you’re a family or a group. Hotel rooms are cramped and ill-suited for a stay of more than few nights in these circumstances. You’re better off getting a place where you can spread out, cook, and keep from getting on each other’s nerves. Best of all, it’s usually as cheap or cheaper too.

The article leaves out two other good sites for finding places rented by the owner. I have my little Mexican beach house posted through this one:

I’ve rented a house before through this one:
Cyber Rentals

Things have gone peachy on both ends. As always, do your homework and don’t jump into something without having a clear sense of what you’re getting.

  1. bali villas was a good rental resources.

  2. Arizona Bed and Breakfast

    i looove renting villaz for a good old vacation in the tropics.. so relaxing- at least during the summer. for winter get aways i like quiet, more secluded places, and renting cabins.

  3. Real Estate Resource

    I agree. Hotel rooms are not so suitable for a family vacation it’s quite like a prison cell. Whenever my family have a vacation we prefer renting villaz because it’s more like a home.
    Thanks for the Cyber Rental link I now have more renting references.



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  5. Lake of the Ozarks

    My family likes to use vacation rentals so everyone can have their own privacy yet be under the same roof. It is great for family trips and you can often save money using vacation rentals.

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