My new book: Hip-Hop, Inc.

On a detour from the travel world, I co-authored a new book that is out today. Hip-Hop, Inc.: Success Strategies of the Rap Moguls.

It’s a long story of how I got involved in this, but the short answer is that I was a music biz honcho in an earlier career incarnation and was involved in the hip-hop scene in New York as part of that. My co-author is a business school professor at Vanderbilt and Cornell and he runs his own company too, so he makes my busy schedule look like a walk in the park. He needed help making the book happen, so there I was.

It’s got little to do with travel, unless you count the way the music traveled from Africa through the Caribbean and the rural U.S. south, changing all along the way, before turning into rap in the South Bronx and becoming a worldwide lifestyle phenomenon. This is the story of how some savvy entrepreneurs took hip-hop and used it to form far-reaching companies, companies that crank out cash like an ATM. It’s an unorthodox business book, for an unorthodox business. See more at the web site here.

If this is the last thing you want to read about, tune in next time when we return to our regularly-scheduled programming. If you are an entrepreneurial type, however, who likes to hustle and flow, there are some things in there worth learning about. Get it at your local bookstore, or online for less than ten bucks:
Amazon US
Amazon Canada
Amazon UK

  1. Kent E St John

    Congrats Tim, sounds very interesting.

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