Central American Travel Way Up

GranadaWhen you hear the words “CNN” and “travel” together, it’s usually someone griping about how the former’s sensationalist coverage of disasters and disease outbreaks influences the latter in a negative way.

But to be fair, they’re not always all about gloom and doom. There was a good article on CNN.com┬áreprinted from the Associated Press showing that tourism in Central America is up 14% from 2003. They were starting at a very low base, especially in Nicaragua and El Salvador, but it’s good news nevertheless. And it’s nice to see that the travel dollars are getting spread out a bit, instead of all going to Costa Rica and the city of Antigua.

The whole region is way ahead of many other parts of the world when it comes to seeing sustainable tourism as a worthwhile effort too, especially since it has paid off so well for Costa Rica. And for Americans and Canadians, not too far away and no jet lag. And a bargain on top of it. Esta listo? Vamos!

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