Rock & Roll Icky Ewww!

Well the verdict is in. Gary Glitter is one sick puppy, joining Arthur C. Clarke and other fugitives who have holed up in foreign lands in order to entertain their penchant for behavior that would quickly get them arrested at home.

Glitter was sentenced to three years in jail (a Vietnamese jail no less, which can’t be much fun) for abusing girls aged only 10 and 11. Part of the evidence, which wasn’t exactly scarce, involved over 2,200 images and 30 videos on his computer. Nobody ever said rock stars got famous by being bright.

There are lots of great reasons to travel to developing countries and one could even argue that the time-honored practice of international hook-ups and searches for mates is a valid part of the exotic appeal for some. But if you’re going to partake in the local, ahem, “recreation opportunities,” please at least limit it to consenting adults okay? That doesn’t seem like too much to ask, even for an old rock star who has been living off royalties from football game anthems.

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