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A Home Abroad vs. A Home at Home

Many long-term travelers daydream about not just passing through the places they go, but actually picking one and moving there. Their friends and relatives might tell them it’s risky, but is it really more risky than buying something in our current overheated home markets? After all, with housing prices through the roof in most developed countries now, buying land or a house overseas is looking like a safer bet.

I won’t say more since I wrote a long article on the subject for the current issue of Offshore Real Estate and Investment Quarterly, put out by the publishers of

But I will add that when you start reading EscapeArtist and International Living on a regular basis, you realize that some people don’t just daydream about buying a little place of their own overseas someday–they really do it. Lots of them. Every month. Then after they get there, they often find they’re spending a small fraction of what they did at home. A safer investment and cheaper living–a nice combination.

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