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Can a 4 Year-old Get a Credit Card?

Apparently so.

BarbieMy daughter, who is not yet five, received a pre-approved credit card offer this week from JP Morgan Chase. It was for a Continental Airlines card, so I guess she could just charge a vacation to Disney World if we parents start getting on her nerves.

I think all purchases would have to be e-commerce only though. A signature would be required for physical purposes and she IS NOT OLD ENOUGH TO SIGN HER NAME!

And we wonder why identity theft is so easy. Or how people get into heavy credit card debt. Maybe it’s because a 4-year-old gets preapproved for a card, or because people who get paid $25,000 per year are offered a credit line for $20,000. Banks give out cards like they’re candy and then get the laws changed to make it harder to file for bankruptcy. Maybe they could start solving the problem by not offering cards to children who are 12 years away from their first part-time job.

On a related “tragic but damn funny” note, a California man of Palestinian descent received a credit card offer addressed to “Palestinian Bomber.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, when he called to complain, the call center person on the phone said, “Yes, Mr. Bomber, what can I do for you?” Once again, it was JP Morgan Chase. Here’s the full story.

Not much of a travel connection to this story, except to say secure your credit cards as well as you secure your money and passport while traveling. I don’t put much faith in these companies sorting out the problem when your Mastercard gets stolen on the streets of Nairobi.

Debt Settlement Alternative

Thursday 26th of April 2007

No a 4 year old sure as hell cant get a credit card. But someone young dumb and fresh out of high school can. Purposely preyed upon by the credit card companies knowing that these inexperienced students will rack up debt that their parents will pay for.