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A Buyer’s Market in Travel

I mentioned in a previous post that airfares to Latin America have gotten dirt cheap over the past month. But all air routes are hurting for passengers these days, especially ones to Asia. Taking the prize for the most insane airfare deal lately has been American’s flights from New York to Tokyo for $349. No that’s not a missprint. You can spend 15 hours on a plane and go halfway around the world for less than it costs to visit your Aunt Myrtle in Podunk, Iowa.

Other Asian countries are taking matters into their own hands, with Thailand announcing a 2-for-1 hotel deal for those who book ahead. This deal can put you into some of the most renowned luxury hotels in the world for the price of your local Courtyard or Hampton Inn. Unreal.

Predictably, deals in Europe have gotten more scarce since this is usually the summer high season. Time will tell if prices come down once they realize Americans are keeping their butts in park on the sofa or are only going to the jam-packed state and national parks near home.

If you’re willing to venture beyond our borders, you are the king (or queen) with buying power, the person everyone is trying desparately to court. So be patient, shop around, and be flexible on where you’re going. You’ll end up with the deal of a lifetime.

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