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Luggage Restrictions, Bag Sizes, and Overpacking

Carry-on bags have been in the news a lot lately. It started with United cracking down and making passengers fit their suitcases into those little bag sizers at the gate. Then the San Francisco Chronicle’s travel editor started a #CarryOnShame campaign to embarrass people who try to roll half their belongings onto


The Travel Gear I Couldn’t Kill

  Wouldn’t it be nice if you bought something for your travels and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t wear it out? I’ve reviewed hundreds of items over at Practical Travel Gear, last decade on a Blogger site I was doing by myself, then from 2009 on with a team


What I Pack in my Carry-on

When I travel these days, I’m doing it one of two ways: with my family for up to three weeks, or on a writing trip for a week to 10 days. I sometimes check a bag for the former (especially if I need to backpack with a real backpack), but usually get


Good and Bad Travel Gear Trends for 2012

I just spent three solid days checking out the new travel gear that will be hitting the shelves later this year, at a trade show where all the buyers come in and figure out what’s going to be hot and should be in stock. You can catch individual reviews on Practical Travel


How Much It’ll Cost You for Taking More Bags

Ever since the airlines got addicted to baggage fees—and ones like Spirit Air made it their primary revenue source—most of the rest have piled on in tandem. Still, some are worse than others, both for domestic flights and international ones. If you’re headed to Europe, EuroCheapo put out a very handy baggage