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Cheapest Places to Travel Update – 12/12

The 4th edition of The World’s Cheapest Destinations goes into production phase this week and will be out in January. Here’s a sneak peek at the front cover. Lots of things have changed in the world since I released the first edition a decade ago, though not all that much since the


Which Countries Have the Worst Air Pollution?

There are some places in this hemisphere that have some bad air, like Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Lima. But they’ve got nothing on the smoking guns of Asia, which make these places look like a blue-sky island. But where is the worst place to take in a lungful really? That’s not


Travel Prices in India

Today’s guest post is from a book author who has written for me on several occasions in Perceptive Travel. See the link at the end for the book and blog from Jim Johnston, but he’s just back from India and is giving us the scoop on current prices there. As I noted


A Good Time to Visit India

If you had India on your short list or you’re planning how fast to get there on your round-the-world journey, take a look at the exchange rate right now and that might sway you. In the quirky way that world currency markets work, Europe’s troubles are the U.S. dollar’s gains, despite all


7 Answers About Living in India

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