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Where the Best Travel Deals Are in 2015

One of the greatest summers for travel in ages is upon us. Where are you going? If you’re an American and the answer is “nowhere,” you need a serious priority adjustment. If you can scrape together enough for a plane ticket and a week of travel expenses, you’ll find historically great values


Leave Wandering Time for Surprise Discoveries

“I like going on group tours because there are no surprises,” a traveler I met once told me. “I know the whole travel itinerary in advance and someone else is taking care of all the arrangements.” Oh, but how many things does she miss by aiming for a trip with no surprises?


Travel Prices in Slovakia

Despite using the euro, Slovakia is a good enough value that it’s taking another country’s place for the Europe section of the next edition of The World’s Cheapest Destinations. I used to think that the Czech Republic and Slovakia split up after the fall of the Soviet Union because of big national


Prices in Prague for Travelers

I can’t be everywhere checking out the current prices for travelers, so occasionally a wandering writer will stop by with an update. Today we’ve got a report from travel writer Sharon McDonnell, who has been spending some time in Prague. Take it away Sharon! Prague isn’t the bargain it used to be—and


It’s Not Hard to Escape the Travel Crowds

I’ve read a few articles and blog posts lately complaining how overrun some places have become (like Ankor Wat and Machu Picchu, for instance) and then making the false logical leap that this there aren’t any undiscovered places left in the world. We’re all on the same circuit, all flying to places