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Eating in the Deep South, Louisiana USA

Ask backpacking Europeans what they love about traveling in the USA and you’ll likely get an answer that goes something like this: “When you order food in America, the portion sizes are huge!” Sure we have a non-functioning congress that makes national parks shut down, an annoying visa process that turns away


This is SO Wrong: Wishful Thinking on Hotel Doors

I once stayed at some crappy roadside motel in Nowheresville, Georgia. The towels were thin, the toiletries the cheapest you can buy, the carpet worn, the bathroom held together by many tubes of caulk. The room rate listed on the back of the entrance door? $399 per night. Of course nobody in


A Weekend With No Baggage Fees on Allegiant Air

One travel perk of moving to Tampa for a couple years has been a big improvement in flight options. Besides having lots of airports within a 4-hour drive if needed, one 30 minutes away is a hub for Allegiant Air. Never heard of them? I hadn’t either before moving here, but it’s


2012 Will Go Down as a Great Summer for Travelers

It’s not hard to hear a lot of gloom and doom in the news these days, but if you’re a traveler, this is shaping up to be one of the best summer vacation seasons in a long time. Good news for the Yanks For Americans, this is probably a temporary gift from


The Best Cheap Hotel Chains in the USA

Consumer Reports checks out the cheap hotel and motel chains most glossy travel mags ignore. Usually when Consumer Reports magazine gets detailed feedback from its subscribers, it’s concerning physical items like cars, washing machines, and TVs. They do look at service industries as well though, including hospitality, and in a recent issue