Extreme Makeover Attempt for Pattaya

An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal says the Thai city of Pattaya is trying to clean up its image and promote the city to a wider range of tourists. Yeah, good luck with that. They hired an ad agency to come up with a slogan and the agency came back with


Don’t Pay List Price!

If you’ve got your eye on a new travel gear item or are about to say, rent a car, take a few minutes first to look for deals and coupons that are out there. It is very easy to comparison shop for that digital camera or backpack through a site like BizRate.com


Masochists Get Their Dream Flight

Last week RyanAir announced they would begin flying across the Atlantic Ocean, with flights starting at just $12. Since this is about what you would pay for a bare-bones Chinatown bus from New York to Boston, “you get what you pay for” will take on a whole new meaning. I’m all for


Tourism Bureau Marketing Budgets

Have you always wanted to go to Hawaii? Somebody’s betting $69.2 million a year that they can turn that nagging feeling into action. The other day I picked up one of those supplemental travel magazines put out by a non-travel mag in order to grab some extra ad dollars (and maybe test


Cheap Flights to Guatemala on Spirit

Budget airline Spirit Air just launched flights to Guatemala from the U.S. and they’re running some cheap intro deals to kick it off, starting as low as $176 plus taxes round-trip. This fare is good for about four weeks, from the kick-off through the first week of June. The flights only depart