Prices in Costa Rica

     I get asked a lot about Costa Rica, but my answer has always been that it’s not all that cheap. In many respects, the whole country is on par with Mexican beach resorts and Ambergris Caye in Belize. Here’s a rundown on specifics though. Average local lunch: $3 to $7, plus


Hot Rockin´Lava in Costa Rica

cr_arenal_observatory Originally uploaded by Globetrots. Greetings from Costa Rica. It´s May here, the beginning of “Green Season” as the tourism people insist on calling it. Rainy season in normal parlance. That´s been okay though, since everything is indeed lush and the rain helps clear the clouds over Arenal Volcano, thus this sweet


4-Hour Workweek and Travel: Interview with Tim Ferriss

A few months back a guy contacted me about a book he had coming out called The 4-Hour Workweek. I get stacks of books from reviewers, but this one sounded different. Boy was it. I devoured it in a few days and made me think long and hard about future directions in


India Travel Insights

A while back I got interviewed for this site called India Travel Insights and it has a great collection of short discussions about the state of travel in India. There are some major changes going on in India that I’ve commented a bit about on this blog before. The IT side of


Scared of Flying? Don’t Go to Russia

A report out last week from the International Air Transport Association for 2006 says that flying in Russia is a staggering 13 times more dangerous than the global average. The scary thing is, this was their best showing yet! Major global accidents fell to 77 from 111 in 2005, which considering the