The Question of Travel Insurance

If there’s one thing you’re sure to find on nearly every message board about travel, it’s a load of questions about travel insurance. A while back National Geographic Traveler had a good piece caled “Are You Covered?” The subtitle said it all: “In an uncertain world, travel insurance isn’t always a sure


Dictators Being Dicks

As every media outlet wraps up the year that was, some are naturally discussing Cuba and how long it will take for Fidel to flatline. Since his brother has set up the system where some 75% of tourism revenues go to the government, however, change will probably not come as quickly as


A Good Resolution – Use Your Frequent Flyer Miles

Back in November, the Washington Post highlighted a statistic that is downright sad: 92 percent of airline frequent flyer miles are never redeemed.Now I don’t know how one comes up with all the data that would lead to this conclusion, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s


Travel Trends for 2007, Part 1

I’ve already seen a dozen “travel trends of ’07” stories and we’re three days away from the end of the year. So either the editors planned these things weeks ago or are already hitting the bar at their New Year’s Eve party. This travel trends story from MSNBC is actually a pretty


Time to Look at Portugal

Although Portugal will probably never make the list of the World’s Cheapest Destinations, it’s quite a bargain compared to the rest of Europe. And with the tourist magnet cities of Eastern Europe getting more expensive all the time, Portugal can now legitimately claim to be one of the best values around. For