Is Duty Free a Deal or a Rip-off?

I will admit I am a bit of a lush and I like to find a good liquor deal as much as the next guy trying to drown his sorrows or celebrate his sudden rash of good fortune. So I window shop at the duty free shop the way my wife window


Rent a car for $1 a day–not a typo

If you’re going to be in Florida sometime between April 8 and June 30, you can rent a car and go on a northerly road trip for as little as $1 a day. That intro rate is not even much of a bait-and-switch either: prices only go up to $4.99 for a


Happy Passport Day!

Today will probably go down in history as the point when a respectable number of Americans finally owned a passport. When the dust settles it could hit 35 to 40 percent–double the number of a few years back. Last April it got up to 27 percent and it crossed 30 percent soon


The Budget Airline Expansion in Asia

One of the big changes in Southeast Asia travel in the past few years has been the explosion of budget airlines there. Places that were formerly only serves by buses or the big state-owned airlines are now a cheap flight and a short hop away. The Wall Street Journal even took a


Not an Axe Murderer? Get a Yacht Job

If you are willing to work in close quarters with others for a while on the open seas, that might be qualification enough to get a job on a yacht. Working your way around the world can sound easier over a few beers at home than it actually turns out to be