Call Overseas, Get a Magazine Subscription

If you have to call overseas a lot, Skype and SkypeOut are pretty cool. But sometimes you don’t feel like fiddling with your computer and risking a bad connection. So I also routinely make calls on a regular phone line to Mexico, Costa Rica, and Argentina for a few cents a minute.


Travel Gear That Works

I’ve been traveling a lot the past few months and reviewing a lot of items for the Practical Travel Gear blog. Plus I’ve been using some oldies but goodies that have done the trick ever since I started backpacking in the early 90s. Here’s a rundown on a few new and old


Get Ready for a New Catch Phrase – Geotourism

What do you call it when people stay in locally owned guesthouses, spend money in local restaurants, and get beyond the basic tour bus sites? Most of us who have been around a bit would just call that “traveling,” but get ready for a new term for it: “geotourism.” That’s the gist


Travel Videos from Geobeats

I’ve been wondering when someone would jump on the opportunity to gather travel videos with quality production and put them in one place. I just got wind of a site called Geobeats that looks promising. They are producing these in house, from international contributors, and from people in the travel industry. That


Panama Travel Websites

I’ve been working on book called Traveler’s Tool Kit: Mexico and Central America with Rob Sangster, author of the original Traveler’s Tool Kit covering the whole kaboodle. One daunting task for each chapter was to separate the spammy websites out there on each country from the ones that are truly useful. Below