World’s Most Congested Cities

Forbes has put out a story on the world’s most congested cities and for me, looking through it brings back memories of packed-in people, endless honking horns in gridlock, and a staggering level of air polllution. “The cities with the highest level of population congestion are: Manila, the Philippines; Cairo, Egypt; Lagos,


Touring the U.S.? Buy a Park Pass Quick

Budget Travel online just reported that the National Park Pass as we now know it is disappearing after this coming year and the replacement will be more expensive. So if you plan on visiting a lot of U.S. national parks in 2007, it’s worth it to visit the link above and plunk


Book of the Year: Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune

Okay, that title is a bit of a teaser since Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune is just up for the award at Planeta.com. But “for your consideration,” as the Academy Awards ads always say, you can go vote for it as travel book of the year. Hopefully later I’ll get


Interview in Vagablond

Back on December 12, I did an interview with Gil at the Vagablond blog. Once a month he interviews a travel writer/author and this time it was me. I spew forth on what people do wrong when the travel, what my first published article was about, and why Cebu City was the


Expensive Hotel Does Not Equal Great Beach

I just went on a whirlwind tour of hotels in Puerto Vallarta for a writing assignment and posted a few reviews and musings at HotelChatter while I was at it. One observation I’ve had for a long time, that I finally got down on virtual paper, is that there is little correlation