Double-duty Travel Gear

When conserving weight and space in your backpack, look for travel items that will do more than one thing for you. The current issue of Transitions Abroad just hit the stands and my column this issue is “Double-duty Gear.” If you’re not a subscriber, I encourage you to at least thumb through


“Underpriced” European Destinations

Fresh off the news that traveling to Europe might cost a bloody fortune this summer, SmarterTravel just put out a helpful story on five “Underpriced European Destinations.” I think “not as insanely priced” might be a better description, but realism doesn’t resonate very well and compared to what it will cost in


Booking Hostel Beds in Advance

I started backpacking around the world in the dark ages before e-mail, so booking a hostel bed or even a hotel room in advance was too much of a pain to even try. It involved international calls or faxes, with limited ability to confirm. Those days are long gone of course, and


India’s Infrastructure Problem

If you’ve ever been to India, you’re bound to snicker a bit every time you read some business story about India becoming an economic superpower. Doesn’t that require some decent roads first, and air you can actually breathe? India may be a cheap place for travelers, but it doesn’t come easy. The


How to Spend a Fortune This Summer

If you’ve got money coming out the wazoo and aren’t sure what to do with it all, you are a prime candidate for traveling to Western Europe this summer. First of all, here’s the lowdown on hotel prices, where a room that would be considered ho-hum in much of the world is