Dollar-smart Destinations Article

I got quoted in a story that ran in yesterday’s Detroit Free Press, “Dollar Smart Destinations.” It runs down the places where the U.S. dollar is in trouble and where you can get more for your greenback. There are some points I haven’t brought up much on this blog related to a


Boring Hilton Wants to “Change Your Perspective”

“Travel is more than just A to B. Travel should change your perspective.” This profound quote above would be all well and good except I got it from…a Hilton Hotels TV commercial. The idea that a Hilton is going to change your perspective on anything is so laughable that my mouth was


National Stereotypes on a Placement

Sheila Scarborough has a fun post you have to check out called Europe on a Placemat. It’s a remnant of a time when she lived in the Netherlands and it shows that the more national borders you have in a region, the more national stereotypes you end up with. (It doesn’t seem


Ayahuasca, Sankranthi, and Acrophobia

If you know what all three of those words in the title mean, you’re either a very smart person or you’ve just read the July issue of Perceptive Travel. Yeah, we’re a few days late, but it’s a holiday week for both Canada and the U.S. anyway, so shoot me with a


Why Southwest Airlines is Tops

I just had a rough few days dealing with a death in the family and got quite a “good, bad, and ugly” view of the airline industry as a result. The destination was Florida and relatives were coming in from seven states in the U.S. and Canada, with their last-minute fares ranging