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Why Your Phone Calls Cost More in Mexico

This past Saturday the Wall Street Journal wrote a cover story called “The Secrets of the World’s Richest Man.” And no, it wasn’t about Bill Gates. It’s now estimated that the one-company Microsoft man is no longer a match for the

Pyongyang Slide Show

In the late 90s I spent over a year living in a suburb of Seoul, South Korea. From the top of a large hill near our apartment we could see North Korea. Being that close, naturally our parents thought we were

Rental Car Companies Wake Up and Smell the Hybrid

As some welcome “do the right thing” news, U.S. car hire firms Avis and Enterprise announced new plans last week to add more hybrid cars to their lots. Avis is adding 500 Nissan Altima hybrids and Enterprise is adding 1,500 Toyota

Your Credit’s Card’s Travel Tax

How much is your credit card charging you when you purchase something in another country? Take a look at this excellent conversion fee chart from to find out. If you’re not holding the right card, you’re most likely getting socked

Free Miles From Delta and Amex

If you have an American Express card and belong to the Membership Miles program, here’s a chance to get some free miles just by doing a transfer to your Delta Airlines account. Every time you transfer Amex points into miles between