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Destination Branding

I like to ask people where they’re going to travel on their next trip, or where they are dreaming of going, because it’s the follow-up question that’s most revealing: Why? What made you pick that particular place? About half the time

Cheaper Destinations in Mexico

There’s a thorough and useful new article on on lesser-known destinations in Mexico. Their use of the phrase “under-the-radar” doesn’t really jibe with the inclusion of San Miguel de Allende – I think I’ve seen that city featured in every

Tourist Prices in Europe: Nutty or Normal?

I came across this article from the Times of London on outrageous cafe prices in St. Mark’s Square in Venice. The gist was that even rich people are staggered by the prices. When the guy who owns Diesel jeans gets quoted

Ghost Skyscrapers in Bangkok

A few weeks ago the Wall Street Journal ran a story about all the abandoned skyscraper projects all over Bangkok. It’s hard for us to imagine this happening in a high-rent district like New York, London, or Hong Kong, but apparently

Old Bikes Reborn in Guatemala

After a weekend of going through papers to clear some room on my desk, I found this cool article in Plenty magazine: From the Junkyard to the Kitchen. It’s about an organization in Chicago called Working Bikes. They take bikes that