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Ghost Skyscrapers in Bangkok

A few weeks ago the Wall Street Journal ran a story about all the abandoned skyscraper projects all over Bangkok. It’s hard for us to imagine this happening in a high-rent district like New York, London, or Hong Kong, but apparently

Old Bikes Reborn in Guatemala

After a weekend of going through papers to clear some room on my desk, I found this cool article in Plenty magazine: From the Junkyard to the Kitchen. It’s about an organization in Chicago called Working Bikes. They take bikes that

Useful Slovakia Travel Websites

This entry is number two in a series of useful travel websites for specific countries. It’s not always easy to separate the great from the useless at first glance, so I’m trying to filter out the former for you. This week’s

Why Your Phone Calls Cost More in Mexico

This past Saturday the Wall Street Journal wrote a cover story called “The Secrets of the World’s Richest Man.” And no, it wasn’t about Bill Gates. It’s now estimated that the one-company Microsoft man is no longer a match for the

Pyongyang Slide Show

In the late 90s I spent over a year living in a suburb of Seoul, South Korea. From the top of a large hill near our apartment we could see North Korea. Being that close, naturally our parents thought we were