Maybe I’m a Real Writer After All

Soon we will return to our regularly scheduled programming, but first, a bragging break. This week I got the good news that Perceptive Travel snagged two of the four Grand Prizes from the North American Travel Journalists Association, from their best travel writing 2006 contest. One for Wendy Knight’s Dangerous Minds, the


Laos Is Still a Bargain–Even at the Top End

Since I first backpacked around the world in the 90s, a lot of places have gone from shoestring travel hotspots to upscale magazine hotspots. (Hoi An, Ubud, Prague, Budapest…) When this happens, the hotel and restaurant prices quickly start marching upward. Soon a few five-star hotels open with prices close to the


Weak Dollar Travel Advice

I’ve been out of pocket for a while, hanging with some old college buds at a wedding in Miami, poor me. Partly taking my own advice though, since we all stayed at an independent hotel that’s a good deal (but on the beach), I scored bargain flight tickets on Southwest, and I


The Citiescape Asia Photo Contest

Over at Perceptive Travel, we’re running a photo contest that can win you a box set of all 10 of the new Citiescape guides from Lonely Planet. These are some very cool little books, filled with knockout photos, that will give you a really good flavor of the destination. If somebody had


Me No Speak Chinese

Yeah I know, that headline is not correct because one speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, etc. rather than “Chinese,” but I like the way it sounds. And it introduces this cool new book one of the authors e-mailed me about, called Me No Speak: China. It’s a cool little pocket-sized item that could be