Your Travel Rights When Delayed or Bumped

In Transit Originally uploaded by sheilaz413. After ten airline flight legs with only one mishap (beware any airport named after a Bush), I was starting to think domestic flying around the U.S. in coach wasn’t such a miserable experience after all. Especially since I came through Thanksgiving unscathed. But then last Friday


Turistas Movie Bombs–Thankfully

Despite scathing reviews and a ridiculous plot, I still feared the teenagers who pack theaters would show up for the movie Turistas. After all, silly slasher flicks are box office gold (witness the Saw 3 movie, which has grossed close to $80 million). Thankfully, only a few idiots turned up to watch


Don’t Pay Retail for Travel Goodies

If you’re doing holiday shopping for a traveler or for yourself, use the Web to your advantage and score the best deals. Besides keeping you from wasting gas and dealing with maddening crowds, you can usually end up paying less as well. First, it is very easy to comparison shop for that


Subway-AirTrain, Cab, or SuperShuttle from JFK?

If you fly into or out of New York City internationally, sooner or later you end up going through sucky JFK airport. (It’s also where JetBlue flights arrive.) If you take a cab to or from Manhattan, it’s $45, which is a chunk of change. There are other options though–if you have


Rankings of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Here’s a news flash for you: rich countries take better care of their UNESCO World Heritage Sites than poor countries do. This past summer I was asked to participate in a National Geographic panel discussing the state of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Hundreds of experts ranked ones they had been to in