Is Your Stuff Holding You Back from Traveling?

I just spent most of the day helping my sister move into her new house. I owed her, because she once stored all my stuff (and my wife-to-be’s) in her basement while I went on my first round-the-world trip. But man does she have a LOAD of stuff. A dozen of us


What $60 Gets You in Guatemala

As I mentioned before, I was just in Guatemala on a vacation with family budget, rather than a long-term backpacker budget. You can obviously buy a whole other level of comfort when that’s the case. I was still pleasantly surprised though at what a great deal the mid-range hotels are there. In


Changing Money Overseas: Paper and Plastic

Ed Perkins at SmarterTravel.com is a great consumer advocate for travel, someone who can cut through all the confusion and give you the real deal, especially when it comes to blatant rip-off fees that banks and travel companies are trying to gouge us with. This is the best and most comprehensive article


International Real Estate – Less Risky Than Home?

Back in late 2005 I wrote an article for EscapeArtist.com’s Offshore Real Estate and Investment publication called The Riskiest Real Estate Investment? I pointed to all the canaries in the U.S. real estate coal mine and made the point that putting your money into international real estate—especially in Latin America or Eastern


Prices in Guatemala

How cheap is Guatemala? What are the prices like for travelers? Well, that depends a lot on how you travel. As a backpacker eating at market stalls and taking the gussied-up school buses that ply the back roads, sharing your sleeping quarters with strangers, you could probably get by for $15-$20 a