UK Student Airfare Deals

The days when I could take advantage of student airfares are long gone, but a note I just got from STA Travel reminded me how dirt cheap it can be to fly if you’re still a fresh-faced student getting ready to travel abroad. Here are some deals they’re running right now from


Flight Deals from the UK

I get loads of junk press releases and other e-mail from people touting their hot new web site and most of them are doing what 100 other sites are already doing. Some are worthwhile, however, and I try to mention them here if they’ll save you some bucks. A lot are the


Living on the Cheap in Nicaragua

Joshua Berman co-wrote the book pictured here, Living Abroad in Nicaragua. His publisher sent a copy to me to review for Perceptive Travel and it got crowded out by some things with a wider scope. But I’m putting it up here now for everyone to hear about because as you can see


Lesser-known Travel Destinations Have a Good 2006

The new UNWTO World Tourism Barometer has been released and by all accounts, 2006 was a banner year for tourism around the globe. “With 842 million arrivals and a 4.5% growth rate, 2006 exceeded expectations as the tourism sector continued to enjoy above average results, making it a new record year for


A Year of Travel Adventures

I’ve come across a few articles lately about how a five-hour hike opened up this year to the world’s third-highest waterfall, recently “discovered” in Peru. (The locals knew about, they just didn’t tell anyone.) When news like this comes out, it’s a major deal these days because for better or for worse,