When Even the Rich Say London is Expensive

When even the wealthy travelers with money to burn start complaining about how expensive staying in London is, you know it’s gotten bad. Whenever the dollar plummets and U.S. travelers get stung, which is pretty much a regular thing now, I get a bunch of calls from reporters, on my cell phone,


For Your Consideration…(again)

A panel of esteemed judges put me in the top-5 for the “Best Informative/Practical Travel Blog,” over at the Travvies Awards. So if you think I occasionally spew out some useful info here, muchas gracias for logging in a vote for the Cheapest Destinations Blog. I’m in good company though, with two


Bargain Destinations (Even if You’re Loaded)

Travel & Leisure’s March issue has a lot of stories with the words “affordable” and “value” in them. Never mind that these articles are next to ads for Hermes, Mercedes, and Porsche. Some of it is predictably comical, like a “World’s Best Values” list of hotels where #1 is $1,980 per night


Higher Departure Tax in Ecuador

This Ecuador news came out December 10, but I just saw it buried in a travel magazine news update. The airport departure tax in Quito has gone up to US$37.93. We’re not sure how they came up with such an odd number since Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar as its currency anyway.


A Body Slam on Buenos Aires Boutique Hotels

I’m in the midst of juggling a dozen writing assignments at once, so I’m going to let someone else do the informative and witty writing on here today. A few choice quotes from Time Out Buenos Aires editor Matt Chesterton, who is doing a guest round of Buenos Aires reviews this week