Cheap Country Bargain: Indian Camel Safari

Every few months I see an article somewhere about an Indian camel safari in Rajasthan, near Jaisalmer. Hey, I even wrote a camel safari article myself once upon a time. That’s okay though, because long after I went on mine, this is still one of the great adventure travel bargains out there


Custom Clothes in Saigon

While Bangkok is the place to go if you’re a man getting some suits made, Vietnam is a better bet for women’s fashion. The place that started it all for tourists is Hoi An, which used to be a sleepy backwater place full of backpackers and mid-range tourists getting some dress-up clothes


Invest in…Macedonia?

In the past on this blog I’ve talked about the attractive incentives some countries throw out there to encourage retirees or investors to come live in their country. Most of the best ones are in Central America, but there are some nice goodies on offer from places you might not think of


Fading Senior Travel Discounts

In the February issue of SmartMoney, Peter Keating gives a good rundown on the disappearing senior discount in the travel world. Once upon a time, those in their golden years got all kinds of discount incentives from airlines, hotels, and attractions. The thinking was that those retirees were on a fixed income


Travel Photo Contest Winners

Our four judges wrapped up the travel photo contest we ran with Lonely Planet’s Citiescape Guides and we have our winners. Congrats to Joel Carillet who scored the whole box set for this fine shot from Kathmandu: You can read all about Joel and the other people who came out on top