Expat Costs in Latin America

International Living’s new issue has a great rundown on typical costs in a variety of Latin American locations popular with expatriates and it’s a sometimes eye-opening look at the realities on the ground. We tend to think everything is going to be cheaper in a developing country, but that’s usually not the


The Best Travel Blogs

I seem to be the only travel writer not pimping for Travvies “best travel blog” votes over at the Upgrade Travel Better blog, so I’ll just say go post whatever ones you like for the various categories. I’m just happy someone took the initiative to put them all in a basket somewhere


Bus Travel Prices in Mexico

I’m neck-deep researching a travel planning guide I’m co-authoring with Rob Sangster that will cover Mexico and Central America and here’s a useful tidbit of info worth passing along. Following are bus prices for executive or first-class buses between several cities in Mexico. I know, I know–if you’re a backpacker on a


Reminder – Citiescape Asia Photo Contest

Just a quick note of reminder that there are three weeks left to enter the Asia photo contest from Perceptive Travel. Winner gets a sweet boxed set of all 10 of the Lonely Planet Citiescape guides. Second gets a travel t-shirt and third their pick of one of the Citiescape books. We’ve


U.S. Airline Report Card

OK, I promise to get off the airline kick very soon. But this is too good to pass up. Yesterday, data released by the U.S. Department of Transportation confirmed what many of us know intuitively: the “budget” airlines are doing a far better job of pleasing customers than the bigger players, who