Finding good airfare deals

I’m running around Mexico right now like a pollo with his cabeza cut off, but meanwhile, deals keep pouring into my e-mail box and my RSS reader. Sub-$300 flights to Europe, $44 hotel rooms, unadvertised $200 domestic fares, etc. Keep an eye out and you might find the right one for you.


The Two Sides of Prices in Mexico

This week I’m down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, checking out a zillion hotels for a writing job I have, so this blog might not contain many nuggets of true insight this week. It is always enlightening, however, to see how the haves and have nots are traveleing and living. I tend to


A Bang for Your Buck in Europe

Despite my apparent inability to speak in complete sentences while on a cell phone to cell phone call, my interview with USA Today resulted in a few lines in this article: European Bang for Your Buck. There are still ways to travel in Europe without draining your life savings. It just takes


Essential Travel Book: Mileage Pro

Most of what I learned about frequent flyer programs came from three guys: Randy Petersen, Tim Winship, and Ed Perkins. Two of the three are the authors of Mileage Pro, an essential book for anyone who wants to get their share (and then some) of all the potential mileage or hotel points


Travel Dollar Woes Revisited

A reporter from USA Today called me last night to talk about the plunging dollar and said, “It feels like we had this conversation three years ago–right?” Yes, the story has returned. In case you have not been paying attention, the U.S. dollar just hit a 20-month low against the Euro and