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How to Make Money When You Leave Your Home Country

“I’m all for sticking everything in storage and moving abroad to cut my expenses, but what I do for a living isn’t portable. What am I going to do for work if I go traveling or move to another country?” As the author of A Better Life for Half the Price and


Backing up Your Data on the Road

Are you fully backed up if all your electronics get stolen or lost while you’re traveling? Or your hard drive crashes? When I first backpacked around the world in the 1990s, pre-internet, my back-up files were pieces of paper. Bank account numbers, passport copies, and an address book. All our music was


Spending a Little Money to Make a Lot (and Enjoy it More)

Sorry, but all good things must come to an end and the Paradise Pack was a one-week only deal. You can still pick up my part of it at the Cheap Living Abroad site. As someone who has managed to support a family for many years as an independent travel writer and


The Deal of a Lifetime is Coming in One Week

Sorry, but this deal is now gone: the Paradise Pack was only on sale for one week. You can still purchase my part of it at the Cheap Living Abroad website. There are times in life you can point to where everything changed. You beat your head against the wall for years


Why I Live Abroad

So…why did you decide to move there? It has become so predictable that I could just make a recording on my phone to play back when people ask. The question is always the same, their struggle to ask without seeming rude so clear on their face. Occasionally it’s a well-traveled person just