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Warning: Your Tour Guide May Be Spouting Bulls*%t

“Remember that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean where there’s a ship battle in the bay and then later you see Jack jump off a cliff into the water? That was all shot here in this area.” The enthusiastic tour guide telling me all this while my companions nodded and exclaimed, “Oh


Barricaded Hebron, Winter Outdoors in Quebec, & Cutting the Cheese in Mongolia

Ah yes, it’s a new month and there’s a new issue of Perceptive Travel online magazine, with the best travel stories from wandering book authors. In May we travel to diverse spots on the globe and also highlight some worthy travel-related books and music. We welcome two authors making their first appearance


The One Word That is Recognized Almost Everywhere

If you can’t understand what someone said, there’s one thing you can say in most countries and be understood. “Huh?” If you want to be universally understood around the world when traveling, there’s almost no phrase or even gesture that works across all cultures. A nod of the head is “no” in


Cheap Destinations News & Oddities, Late June

Sometimes I like to take a break from blabbing on and acting like a travel know-it-all, so here are some news stories and blog posts that have caught my eye recently. Random notes from cheap destinations and a few travel tips, preserved for longer than a fleeting tweet or status update. First,


Funny Photos From Bangkok

It’s time to take a break from serious travel advice again and just have a laugh, this time from Thailand.┬áSure, I take lots of scenic photos when I travel, but I revel in the silliness even more sometimes. First up, there are a lot of things you’re not supposed to do in