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Where Can You Live More Than 3 Months on a Tourist Visa?

As I was getting close to launching the book A Better Life for Half the Price, I wanted to get interested people on an e-mail list. So I started giving away a document with a rundown on all the places you could stay for four months or more after arrival, no border


What to Do When It’s Time to Trade Travel for a Home Base

This post brought to you by CORT. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Cheapest Destinations Blog. It’s great fun to be a nomad and travel around the world non-stop, but eventually nearly everyone starts yearning for a home base—at least for a while. It gets tiring to be on


“I Wish I Could Travel More” Is a Lame Thing to Say

  Every time anyone goes on vacation and posts gorgeous photos on social media, frequently someone says, “You’re so lucky. I wish I could travel more.” You can almost hear the wistful sigh. In most cases the answer to “Why can’t you?” would have something to do with not enough time or


Answers to The Usual Objections About Moving Abroad to Save Money

There are some people who love to argue and the ones that love the practice the most seem to delight in posting comments on articles about living abroad. I’m not sure whether they feel threatened, or patriotic, or just grumpy that they’re stuck where they are, but it’s a common tendency¬†I deal


Finding Authentic Food When You Travel

This week I got quoted in a USA Today article on how to find authentic local food when you travel. What we eat is important always, but it takes on a whole other level of importance when you’re traveling, especially internationally. Food is a window into a culture and as outsiders, it’s