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Spanish Camino Magic, Richard III’s Makeover, and Talking to Butterflies in Guatemala

Yes it’s time for another issue of Perceptive Travel, the award-winning online travel magazine with stories from book authors on the move. This month we dive into the mysterious world beyond our own with stories from Europe and Central America. One of them is from me, from a budget travelers’ favorite in


Moving Magical Mountains, Cycling Through Catalunya, and Confronting a Lion’s Pride in Kenya

This week we launched the June issue of Perceptive Travel, the award-winning narrative site that puts out some of the best travel stories you’ll find anywhere online. This time our three stories take place on three continents, plus as usual we have a great rundown on new travel books and notable world


Spending a Little Money to Make a Lot (and Enjoy it More)

Sorry, but all good things must come to an end and the Paradise Pack was a one-week only deal. You can still pick up my part of it at the Cheap Living Abroad site. As someone who has managed to support a family for many years as an independent travel writer and


The Deal of a Lifetime is Coming in One Week

Sorry, but this deal is now gone: the Paradise Pack was only on sale for one week. You can still purchase my part of it at the Cheap Living Abroad website. There are times in life you can point to where everything changed. You beat your head against the wall for years


A Trip to Hell, Stuck in Chinese Purgatory, and Sunnier Encounters in Baja

It’s time for the May issue of Perceptive Travel, a Gold award winner as best online travel magazine from the two major travel writing trade organizations. We like to think we live up to that title by going beyond the fluff and the linkbait, taking the long route to the next destination