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The Rise of Craft Beer in Mexico

Last weekend I tasted a few wonderfully aromatic pale ales, German style Heifweizens, a Belgian-style whit beer, a couple red ales, and one of the best stouts I’ve had in years. All made within a few hours’ drive from where I was standing. There was only one unusual aspect of this tasting


Travel Prices in Turkey

As I wrote a few posts back in the midst of a return to Turkey, this country is not a cheap destination anymore. It’s in my book still as an honorable mention because it’s a fair value for mid-range travelers, but it will probably disappear from that category too next time around.


Travel Prices in Cambodia

Until Burma reaches a point of real reform and starts getting the promised foreign investment coming in, Cambodia will hold the crown as the best travel value in Southeast Asia. What you get for your money is unbelievable sometimes, yet you don’t have to go way off the beaten path to find


Travel Prices in Bulgaria

In many respects, Bulgaria is the best travel deal in Europe. Many of the prices I’ve cited below are the cheapest you’ll find on the continent (for any place visited by travelers anyway). Some of that advantage is offset by the language barrier and alphabet though, so it can be better to


Beer Consolidation and Beer Expansion

Another year, another few announcements of the giant macrobrew beer companies getting bigger. On the heels of this though, I spent a few days in Colorado, where it was startlingly clear that the U.S. beer market has become the most diverse and healthy on the planet. Who would have thought? First the