Don’t Hurry Through Peru

Sure, the famous citadel on a mountain is worth seeing sometime in your life and Cusco is a great city that still feels special despite the hordes of tourists. To really get how great Peru is though, you have to take some time to explore and soak it all in. A couple


Travel Bites from Mexico and Peru

I don’t do as much freelance writing as I used to since I’m busy enough running my online media company’s own blogs and websites, so I’ve gotten kind of slack about putting up links to travel stories I’ve written for other publications. Catch-up time now for ones from Peru and Mexico. A


Is Peru a Cheap Place to Travel? It Depends…

Peru is a travel bargain. Or Peru is very expensive. It all depends on how you travel. I inhabit the strange world of travel writing where for my job I go back and forth from cheap hotels to plush palaces, from crowded buses to executive taxis depending on the assignment. That shows


Touring the Poor Man’s Galapagos in Peru

I’m in Paracas, Peru right now, which is not exactly the prettiest place in the world. A red tide swept through recently, leaving a beach already the color of concrete covered with a carpet of dead crabs. The water is the color of algae, big ships are anchored offshore past the fishing


Expansion of Machu Picchu Train Services in Peru

If you’re going to be spending time in South America, get on the e-mail list for South America Explorers Club before you go and make the investment in a membership with them before you take off. I always find some good information from them before it comes out in the mainstream news,