Your Ticket to a Half-Price Life

I’ve been dropping hints and links for a while now about my next book, asking you to get on the Cheap Living Abroad newsletter list if you wanted to cut your expenses in half just by changing your address. But now I’m less than a month away from release date. But the book is out now! See the full story here: Cheap Living Abroad site.

Better life moving abroad

The book cover is above, voted on by the newsletter readers as the one they liked best. Here’s the full title and subtitle:

A Better Life for Half the Price: How to prosper on less money in the cheapest places to live.

This will be in e-book form now, in paperback come December 2014. This is not some wimpy short e-book that makes you go, “I paid how much for that?” When it comes out in print it will be some 260 pages long, packed with great general info on moving to another country to cut your expenses in half, as well as specific recommendations where the cost of living is low and the place is foreigner-friendly enough for you to set up residency there. You’ll hear stories and real prices from people already living the dream of a better life for far less money. Even if you skip half of it, the book should save you tens of thousands of dollars.

If you’re just curious and want the book alone, that’s fine.

If you’re beyond the dreaming stage and are starting to put the wheels in motion, the second tier package (“Committed) will includes a private Facebook group, webinar replays, a batch of extra reports, and an insiders newsletter.

The top package (“All In”) includes all that plus live webinars, tailored interviews, conference calls, and personal coaching.

You can see more details on each package on the site.

If you’re not on the notification list yet, check out the full story here.

  1. gary

    Hi Tim,

    Here’s wishing you all the best in your launch. As I read your post, I was impressed on how you structured your packages. I’m sure many will benefit from your experiences, insights and your expertise. Best of luck on your next enterprise!

  2. Steve H

    Tim – always interested to purchase a new book you release. But a question about this one – would it be applicable to folks who are mainly limited to trips of between 2 weeks and a month? Or is it pretty much for 3-month-minimum stays, to get the deals you discuss in this new book? Look forward to reading it.

    • Tim Leffel

      Steve – it depends on how you define “live” I guess, but if you wanted to bounce around the world as a digital nomad, you wouldn’t be the first one. But if you’re renting for that short a time, you’ll be in a hotel or vacation rental place, which cuts down some on your savings and how much space you’ll get.

  3. Ani

    Best of luck for your book. I have entered my email for your newsletter also.

    As for living abroad, my research points me to Mexico.

    I haven’t made a decision though as it’s still few years away!

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