Spicy Grenada, Hot Miami, and Sad Syria


It’s time for the November issue of Perceptive Travel, home to the best travel stories from book authors on the move. Two of the features are on warm places you’ll probably want to visit someday. One is on a place that some people used to want to visit, but no more.

Bruce Northam finds the essence of Grenada, a Caribbean island of cinnamon and nutmeg that is a far cry from most glorified cruise ship ports and honeymoon escape capsules in that part of the world. See A Spiced Up Caribbean in Grenada.

On a trip back from South America, I stopped off in Miami for a while to soak up the South Beach scene like the celebrities and fashionistas who have preceded me. In a city so hot the basketball team is the heat, No One’s Too Sexy for Miami.

Judith Fein makes her debut in Perceptive Travel this month with a piece that we obviously did not publish to pump up our page views. She looks back on her visit three years ago to a very different Syria than what we are watching now on the news. See Syria in My Heart.

As usual, we bring you some new and noteworthy travel books worth checking out, this time including the new version of Road Trip USA and one on a different kind of road: the Appian Way.

Graham Reid is back to highlight some interesting world music from around the globe, including Cuba and Bulgaria, plus the latest from Balkan Beat Box.

We give away cool gear each month and this time three readers will receive the nicest toiletry kit they’ve ever owned, thanks to Property Of bags. You can get in on the action each month by getting on the newsletter list or following Perceptive Travel on Facebook.

  1. caparhi

    The article on Miami defined glamour, the article on Syria was insightful whereas the one on Grenada was informative! All in all, it was a great varied collection!

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