Bush People, Horse People, and Train People

Last week we published the August 2012 issue of Perceptive Travel, home to the best travel stories from book authors on the move.

The Bush People of Hadzabe are some of Africa’s most isolated people, still hunting and living nomadically the way they always have. Shelley Seale gets a rare look at a day in the life.

A few months back I visited one of my favorite small cities, joining 20,000 people for a series of horse races, learning about stud fees, and sampling some fine bourbon. I’ll Have Another in Lexington, KY.

Regular contributor Amy Rosen is back with a train ride in Alaska, from Anchorage to Denali: Alaska on the Rails.

Susan Griffith covers some fine travel books on England and India, while Laurence Mitchell reviews a batch of new music from or influenced by other cultures.

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  1. Kelly

    I love reading stories of ancient tribes. It is so intriguing. Finding out how other people live in the world, having not been “westernized” and living the same life their ancestors lived thousands of years ago.

  2. Lovele

    It’s always extremely interesting for me to find out something about the life of ancient tribes. They still live the way their ancestors did. It’s fantastic! Thanks for the post.

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